The University of Laghouat Amar Telidji is a growing university located in a beautiful city in southern Algeria located around important tourist sites.

Univ Laghouat

Laghouat is the capital city of the Laghouat Province (Wilaya de Laghouat), Algeria, 400 km south of the Algerian capital Algiers in the Atlas Mountains. Nearby, in Hassi R'Mel, there is the largest natural gas reserve in Africa. The city was founded in the 11th Century. The Turks captured Laghouat in 1786 and in 1852, the French took over the city. Since 1962, it is an Algerian province. Laghouat town in Northern Algeria is an oasis on the north edge of the Sahara Desert. The city is known for rug and tapestry weaving.


Some sites and monuments:  rock engravings (El-Ghicha, Hosbain), Kourdane (Tidjani Museum), old Ksours, palm groves and the meteoritic crater of Madna discovered in 1928 which is the second in the world. In addition, Zaouia Tidjania, headquartered in Ain Madhi, continues to receive many followers.