MISC 2018 Accepted Papers

Oualid Lamraoui and Hacene Habbi. Enhanced RECCo Controller with Integrated Removing Clouds Mechanism
Nassima Bouchareb and Nacer Eddine Zarour. Virtual Machines allocation and migration mechanism in Green Cloud Computing
Songchenchen Gong and El-Bay Bourennane. Implementation of real time reconfigurable embedded architecture for people counting in a crowd area
Seyyid Ahmed Medjahed and Mohammed Ouali. Spectral Band Selection using Binary Gray Wolf Optimizer and Signal to Noise Ration Measure
Laboudi Zakaria and Chikhi Salim. New Solutions for the Density Classification Task in One Dimensional Cellular Automata
Jérémy Buisson and Seidali Rehab. Effective Bridging between Ecore and Coq: Case of a Type-Checker with Proof-Carrying Code
Abdellah Sellam and Hamid Azzoune. A New Siamese CNN Architecture for Kinship Verefication in the Wild
Salah Mansour Khadidja and Youcef Hammal. ATL Based Refinement of WS-CDL Choreography into BPEL Processes
Yassine Meraihi, Amar Ramdane-Cherif, Mohammed Mahseur and Dalila Acheli. A Chaotic Binary Salp Swarm Algorithm for solving the Graph Coloring Problem
Yasmine Harbi, Zibouda Aliouat, Saad Harous and Abdelhak Bentaleb. Secure Data Transmission Scheme based Elliptic Curve Cryptography for Internet of Things
Nassima Dif, Mohamed Walid Attaoui and Zakaria Elberrichi. Gene Selection for Microarray Data Classication Using Hybrid Meta-Heuristics
Lina Aliouat and Zibouda Aliouat. Run Time Verication Optimization for Component-Based Systems
Mohammed Mahseur, Abdelmadjid Boukra and Yassine Meraihi. QoS Multicast Routing based on a Quantum Chaotic Dragonfly Algorithm
Diab Mokeddem and Hakim Draidi. Optimization of PID Sliding Surface using Ant Lion Optimizer (ALO)
Abdelkader Moudjari and Fateh Latreche. Meta-ECATNets for Modelling and Analyzing Clinical Pathways
Moussa Saker and Nora Bounour. Ontologies-based Process in Software Reengineering
Meroua Daoudi and Souham Meshoul. Deep neural network for supervised inference of gene regulatory network
Ouadah Abdelaziz, Allel Hadjali, Nader Fahima and Benouaret Karim. An Improved Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchic Process for K-Representative Skyline Web Services Selection
Salima Behdenna, Fatiha Barigou and Ghalem Belalem. Sentiment Analysis of Arabic Tweets: Opinion Target Extraction
Regouid Meryem and Benouis Mohamed. Shifted 1D-LBP based ECG recognition system
Fadila Maouche and Mohamed Benmohammed. Dynamic time warping inside a genetic algorithm for automatic speech recognition
Chemseddine Berbague, Nour El-Islam Karabadji and Hassina Seridi. Enhancing the Sales Diversity using A Two Stage Improved KNN Algorithm
Abdelhalim Halim Saadi and Hacene Belhadef. A Statistical Approach for the Best Deep Neural Network Conguration for Arabic Part-of-Speech Tagging
Hichem Baitiche, Mourad Bouzenada, Djamel Eddine Saidouni, Youcef Berkane and Hichem Chama. A Context-Aware Distributed Protocol for Updating BDI Agents Abilities
Sami Abdellatif, Okba Tibermacine and Abdelmalik Bachir. Service Discovery in the Internet of Things : a Survey